Athletic Development is All-Seasonal

Physical training is required and beneficial throughout the entire year for all of us; especially those competing in sports. A common misconception is that for athletes, physical training and development should only occur during the off-season and pre-competition phases of training. The physical qualities that are required of athletes to handle the demands of sports competition and training do not take a rest when the games are on; if anything, the demands grow and compound over the competitive season. Therefore, seeking strategic athletic development during the competitive season is as important as the off-season and pre-competition phases of training

There is a focus to present a prepared and ‘fresh’ athlete on game day; we cannot confuse ‘fresh’ with an under prepared or de-trained athlete. Therefore, careful consideration, management, and control of training loads in the gym and on the field is required. One of the biggest training principles we hold ourselves accountable to at Integrated Bodies is the smallest worthwhile dose. We plan our programs to deliver the right amount of training load to see an athlete continue to improve and develop throughout the entire year; whilst allowing to complement and improve sports training and competition performance.

As strength and conditioning professionals, it is our aim to plan the appropriate training load to allow the best version of the athlete to arrive on game day, not only for round 1; all the way to the big dance as well.