Competency Base Periodisation

The Integrated Bodies Athletic Development Program (ADP) utilises a competency-based philosophy for our periodisation, or planning, of training. Traditional forms of periodisation for the athletic populations commonly sees the use of block planning or training phases, based on chronological time. This style of training planning uses the idea that athletes require a period of time, usually 4-6 weeks, spent training specific and particular athletic qualities. This traditionally looks like a training plan presenting 4 weeks of hypertrophy, then into 4 weeks of strength, leading into 4 weeks of power training. Though this strategy seems to make sense, it is nonsensical for the human species and entire athletic population. The short comings of this program is that an individual athlete who desperately needs to gain muscles mass, who is already quite fast and powerful, only gets 4 weeks in a 3 month period to develop this hypertrophy he needs. Or on the other hand, the muscular athlete who is quite weak and slow for his size, could be better off with more work and time getting stronger and faster, rather than getting even bigger.

 The Integrated Bodies ADP programs competency-based periodisation allows athletes to work on what their priority needs are until they achieve their goal, not for a time stamp. Looking deeper into this approach we can see it provides the ability for our members to simultaneously develop their weaknesses, whilst also emphasizing their strengths. If one of our more senior and experienced athletes are great and strong at squatting and can achieve their objective strength competencies this pattern is progressed to a more power orientated exercise. Whilst at the same time if they are not great hingers / dead-lifters, and have weak upper bodies, they will continue to work hard at improving these areas until they achieve their goals. Spending more time where they require development and progressing their strength to allow continual development and prevent stagnation. The competency-based periodisation scheme used within the Integrated Bodies ADP allows for detailed training manipulation to really dial in to what the athlete truly needs right now, not what the plan says they need for this month.