Session Structure

ADP Session Structure

Session Structure

The Integrated Bodies Athletic Development Program will be delivered in a class style format, all whilst allowing for individualisation through specific competencies and levels. Though specific components within the workout are individualised, consistency and structure within the sessions design allow for focused practice and a team atmosphere.

Once our ADP members arrive at IB HQ the session begins with our warm-up routine. The warm-up consists of three key components, release, stretch, and activate. Our members will be coached through a myofascial release in key areas of the body to promote neuromuscular function.

Following this the coach will lead the athletes through mobility and stability exercises that specifically prepare them for the workout ahead. After the warm-up routine is complete we move onto our complexes.

Each workout will consist of three complexes each being comprised of three different exercises. These three exercises are tailored strength, core/mobility, and jump/land drills specific for the individual athletes’ competencies.

Each complex and the exercises within are geared towards developing a specific movement thread and athletic quality. Once the complexes, and our workout is complete, the coach will lead a discussion with the athletes to review the session.

This is a valuable component of the session as we can lead and educate our members on key areas of health, wellness, and performance such as the importance of sleep, nutrition, and mindset; lessons that can be taken into the world with them.