Exercise Selection – Thread System

Exercise is medicine. This is no different when it comes to exercise selection within strength training and athletic development. The Integrated Bodies Athletic Development program specifically chooses exercises that aim to develop very particular qualities in improving athleticism. We categorise these exercises into threads. These threads are titled by their movement pattern and all exercises within each detailed thread possess demands to improve the specific qualities required for movement athleticism. 

The exercises within each thread needs to be suitable for the vast range of skillsets the athletic population posses. As a young early trainer, or an early stage rehab athlete can’t and shouldn’t just walk under a loaded barbell, they need to show achievement with bodyweight exercises first. Whilst, a more advanced lifter may need a more complex barbell exercise to load up and provide a large mechanical dose to his body; after earning the right for the barbell first of course. At the same time traditional barbell strength exercises have their expiry load limit when it comes to improving and complimenting athletes sporting actions. So when an athlete can front squat more than 160% of their bodyweight, we should ask ourselves is the juice worth the squeeze when fighting for months to increase the load by 10kg; or can we make the movement more complex and specific with other qualities like velocity and coordination to improve its transfer to the sporting arena? Yes, we can, and we do at Integrated Bodies.

The thread based exercise selection system we use within the Integrated Bodies ADP sees our athletes begin their journey on an age, experience, and competency appropriate exercise. As our athletes improve, show mastery, and reach detailed strength levels relative to their own bodyweight they progress, level by level, to a new exercise that will challenge them and give us bang for our buck!