Training is testing and testing is training

Training is testing and testing is training

Within the Integrated Bodies Athlete Development Program, we are focused on delivering training sessions that deliver development for our members, simultaneously as providing information to our coaches to direct decision making within the program.

Our structured warm-up, strength work, and competency-based progressions deliver our coaches insights into the movement quality each of our member's posses; on a session to session basis. Rather than delivering an initial movement screen, to then direct decision for our next session, this process allows us to quickly identify and immediately begin correcting movement deficiencies, developing weaknesses, and emphasising strengths.

This philosophy also rings true for our strength testing principles. Our members will be able to display their strength improvements, in exercises specific to their development, over the weeks and within their session as they progress through their movement competencies and progressions.

Opposed to blocking out one of our training sessions per month to get our members to ‘test’ their strength, and lose a valuable opportunity for training. Our members' strength development will be measured, monitored, and reported through the achievement of their progressions and the strength levels they achieve. Everyday, and every session is a chance to learn, develop, and improve. Isolated testing tells us where we are, it doesn’t take us any closer to our goals.

If we can build our assessments/testing into the learning/training process, we can be improving and gaining insight into how far we’ve come all at the same time; and never miss an opportunity to get better.