Turkey Mince & Sweet Potato Bake

Turkey Mince & Sweet Potato Bake.png

Makes 6-8 Serves


500g Turkey Mince
1 x Large Zucchini (grated) 
1 x Large Capsicum (diced) 
5 x Medium Tomatoes (diced) 
1/2 Bottle of Val Verde Pasta Sauce (photo in comments)

1 x TBS Paprika
1 x TBS Thyme
1 x TBS Cumin
Salt & Pepper

Mash Topping:

2-3 Sweet Potatoes (mashed) 
2 x Spoon Fulls of Natural Yoghurt


1. Preheat oven set at 200 degrees.
2. Cook turkey mince in a large frying pan. Once cooked, add in prepared ingredients and seasonings listed above. Let simmer for 5 x minutes with lid on. 
3. Chop sweet potato and add to a microwave dish with water. Steam until potato has softened. 
4. Mash sweet potato with potato masher or fork and add in yoghurt until smooth consistency. 
5. Transfer turkey mixture to large oven dish first then layer with sweet potato mash. 
6. Cook in the oven for about 30-40 minutes or until potato starts to crisp.