Belly Button Ring Scar Creating Lower Back Pain

A client came in with discomfort in their lower back. They generally get pain when bending over or trying to pick something off the ground when seated.

After doing some prescreening I decided to use NKT to assess the core and back. We found the Rectus Abdominis and Transversus Abdominis weak, as well as the lumbar Multifidus.

When we were testing I noticed that this client had a scar on their belly from a old piercing 6 years ago. Using NKT protocols I tested the RA, TVA and Multifidus in relation to the scar. There was a definite connection.

We released the overactive scar and activated the core. We then retested and all muscles became functional once again.

This client has some homework to do for a short period of time, but once their scar stops being dysfunctional they should have a noticeable improvement in lower back function and core stability.