Jaw Pain and Numb Hands

A train driver came in complaining of bilateral numbness in the hands. After some discussion and understanding their history I decided to use NKT to see if we can find any neuromuscular contributors.

I started off testing their grip. We had a bilateral weakness. We continued up towards the head and neck. I tested the neck flexors and extensors, both were strong. I then tested both sets of scalenes, they were both weak. Whilst looking for another structure in the body that may be in relation to these tests I found a tender R masseter. I tested the grip and scalenes in relation to the masseter, we had a significant response.

I released the R masseter and activated both scalenes. We then retested the grip and scalenes, all became strong.

My thoughts are that the scalenes have become inhibited due to a possible head or neck injury a few years ago. This inhibition of the scalenes has lead to compression of the brachial plexus, which is the never group that travels from the neck, down the arms and into the hands. If we bring function back to the scalenes we might be able to reduce the compression on this never group and thus reduce the numbness.

We will continue to work on our corrective strategy and monitor the symptoms, as we progress.