Toes To Bar Shutting Down TVA

Big toe to TVA .png

Do you struggle with linking toes to bar in Crossfit? 

Maybe your problem doesn’t lie within you “weak core” but in your feet!

I had a Crossfit athlete come in to see me recently with dramatic core weakness. There was certainly no trunk stability or inter abdominal being generated or maintained. 

After doing an in-depth intake we decided to investigate a niggling L big toe that was injured 2 years prior doing handstand walks at a Crossfit comp. 

Testing the clients TVA and L quad we found a very down regulated TVA and L VIM and Rectus Femoris. 

This down regulation was all brought back to full strength after we decompressed their L big toe. 

Using NKT protocol to identify the dysfunctional structures that were keeping the big toe compression, I used Dry Needling to release the facilitated tissue. We then did a sustained decompression on the joint. 

This immediately brought neural connectivity back to the TVA, VIM and Rec Fem.

This athlete as some simple correcting to do however they should make a massive improvement as long as they don’t jam their big toe into the bar every time they do T2B again.