Sometimes Planta Fasciitis type symptoms aren't actually Planta Fasciitis.

FDB to GMAX.png

I had an industrial worker come in recently with foot pain. After doing an in-depth intake we decided to investigate how well he could produce force through his left Glute Max. When testing the glute he could not created a neural lock (strong test) without compensation of the FDB muscle. 

I used NKT protocol to identify a couple dysfunctional relationships around the ankle that had been caused by old ankle sprains. After clearing ligament dysfunction we found a strong relationship between the FDB and the Gmax. The FDB was facilitated and neurologically overactive for the Gmax. 

We released the FDB and activated the Gmax. The pain / feeling in their foot had changed dramatically. 

This client has some correctives to do over the next 2 weeks however we have made a great start towards managing his foot pain.