Hip Pain

A client came in with left hip pain. This pain usually came on when they started to ride their bike. When describing the discomfort they would be pointing around the hip pocket area. I started using my NKT assessment to see what dysfunctional relationships we could find. Using NKT protocols I found that the R QL was inhibited and the L QL was facilitated. Due to the R QL being inhibited and neurologically under-active the contralateral TFL had to compensate to support the body during gait and when cycling. This compensation had caused the TFL to effectively “burn out”. To reset this dysfunction I had to treat the cause not the symptom, this meant releasing the L QL. I used dry needling therapy to released the L QL. I also needled the L TFL to down regulate its compensatory behaviour. We then activated the R QL. After this reset the TFL had become more functional and the pain had reduced from a 7/10 to a 2/10. With a little bit of corrective homework this client will be back up and riding pain free very soon.