Calf Pain

Left Achillies Pain

A client came in presenting with sporadic L Achilles type of pain. This pain would only be evident mainly in the mornings and would get better during the day. This client did mention that they would feel a little achy or restricted in the ankle as well. Using palpation I found that the Fibularis Longus and Tibialis Posterior where very high tone and tender to touch. 

During my NKT assessment, we found that the Tibialis Posterior was weak and neurologically under-active. I tried to see if there was a relationship between Tibialis Posterior and Fibularis Longus but it just wasn’t convincing enough. We continued our assessment and found a super nasty Popliteus. 

Using NKT protocols I tested the Tibialis Posterior against the Popliteus, there was most definitely a relationship here. I continued to released the Popliteus, use Dry Needling on the Fibularis Longus to reduce the compensation and activation of the Tibialis Posterior. 

We then retested the the dysfunction. The restricted feeling had gone and all muscles weren’t sore to touch anymore, and to top it off they had full function of the Tibialis Posterior again. 

The client has some simple homework to do but they should make a full return to function.