Concussion Contributing To Lower Back Pain

Crainal Suture to B:L multifidus.png

Concussions don’t just directly affect the head, neck and brain they can also have long lasting effects that can contribute to motor control dysfunction later on in life. 

A young rugby league athlete came in with lower back pain recently. After doing a in-depth intake we found that they had sustained a had a server concussion last season. Using NKT I found two sections on the sagittal suture that were dysfunctional. These to sections contributed to bilateral sacral multifidus inhibition in the lower back. 

There was also diaphragm compensation for a down regulated TVA as well. 

Using level 3 protocol we cleared the dysfunctional areas on the skull and retrained breath optimisation. This allowed the young athlete to regain trunk stability. 

Following up we referred the young athlete out to ensure that there was no occipital subluxation contributing to ongoing Dysfunction.