Heavy Arms

Heavy Aching Arms After Running

A client came in with mentioning that there hands and forearms felt tight and heavy about a day after they went for a run. This was an interesting symptom to have post run so I decided to investigate further. I tested grip to see if there was any dysfunction within the hand itself, both sides were fine. From here I decided to test both lats as they are apart of a powerful group of muscles called the 'Posterior Oblique Sling'. They were both weak. I now had to find a dysfunctional relationship in the both that included both lats and a central point. Understanding that this run was done at a higher intensity I decided to see what the respiratory muscles were doing. I tested the lats against the diaphragm and sure enough, there was a relationship present. Using NKT protocols I released the over-active diaphragm and activated the lats. This process brought back full function to the lats. I then did some soft tissue massage on the forearms and hands to relieve the compensatory relationship that had development post run.

The client has some simple homework to do and we discussed periodising their running sessions to development more aerobic capacity. With these improvements, their symptoms should no longer bother them.