Popliteus Creating Glute Max and Rec Fem Inhibition

A mine worker came in after a round out west. In their last shift, they did a lot of walking up and down rocky surfaces. After this, they had started to get some swelling around the right knee with an awareness around the back of the knee.

Using NKT protocols I started to test muscles around the R knee. We found a weak Rectus Femoris and Glute Max. I tested these muscles against the R Popliteus. We found that the Popliteus was facilitated, which was inhibiting the Rec Fem and G Max. We released the Popliteus and activated the Rec Fem. All became strong.

To help integrated movement back into the reset I decided to use some RockTaping to manage the swelling around the knee, then we did some walking. Their gait was significantly better and pain-free.