Tennis Elbow

Tennis Elbow Pain

A dozer operator come in complaining of right elbow pain, which had been bugging them since the 90's. They described it as a typical tennis elbow pain. Understanding that D11's are all joystick control I decided to have a look at the forearm extensors. After doing some palpation I noticed Extensor Carpi Ulnaris was very high tone. I tested ECU, it was very strong. Usually when a muscle tests so strong its compensating for another. I then tested the same side Lat Dorsi, it was very weak. After using NKT protocols I found the the ECU was facilitated neurologically overactive and the Lat Dorsi was neurologically under active. I released the ECU and activated Lat. I then also RockTaped the lat for proprioceptive influence. We then tested both muscles again. All were strong and the pain was gone. This client has to do some homework to reprogram his motor control in this area, but he should finally be able to operate without pain once again.