Nutrition for

Athletic Performance

“Creating healthy habits that last a life time”

Nutrition to Fuel Performance and Enhance Recovery


Nutrition around training and competition has two keys goals:

Priority # 1: Improve Recovery

Priority # 2: Improve Performance

Some athletes tend to structure this the wrong way around by focusing on eating to perform, which often means short-term strategies like sugary energy drink or energy bar before a training session. But ultimately, if you don’t recover, you don’t perform.


Recovery can include:

·      Providing adequate hydration

·      Ensuring a steady supply of fuel to our working bodies (so that our bodies don’t have to breakdown valuable lean tissue)

·      Reducing muscle soreness

·      Managing inflammation

·      Improve immune function

·      Increasing protein synthesis while inhibiting protein breakdown

·      Optimising body composition (building strong, dense muscle bone and connection tissues while keeping body fat down)

Good nutrition around training and competition helps us consistently replenish and rebuild.


Nutrition Guidelines Around Training

We can divide training/competition nutrition into three categories:

1.     Pre-Training/Competition Nutrition (Before Activity)

2.     Intra Training/Competition Nutrition (During Activity)

3.     Post Training/Competition Nutrition (After Activity)


Exactly what this looks like for each athlete or exerciser will depend on a few things:

·      Training duration

·      Training intensity

·      Individual goals

·      Individual body type/composition

·      Individual tolerance for food / liquids


Fundamental Skills FIRST

While good Nutrition is important around performance and recovery, we need to ensure you are underlying the fundamental skills FIRST. This includes:

·      Eating 3 Meals Per Day

·      Eating Protein with Every Meal

·      Eating Fat with Every Meal

·      Eating When Hungry, Stopping When Satisfied

·      Eating Slowly and Mindfully

·      Eating Mostly Whole Unprocessed Foods

·      Adding Vegetables to Meals

·      Getting Enough Sleep

·      Keeping Hydrated

·      Move Daily

Integrated Bodies Nutrition Services:

One Off Consultations:

  • 60MIN One Off Nutrition Consultation - $60.00

  • 30MIN Follow Up Nutrition Consultation - $30.00

This service will be best suited for athletes that have a reasonably good knowledge of the fundamental skills of nutrition and are looking for that extra guidance to enhance performance around competition.

10 x Week Skills-Based Nutrition Program

  • 60MIN First Initial Nutrition Consultation - $75.00 (includes 10 x Week Program Booklet)

  • 30MIN Weekly Principle Review - $45.00

This service covers 10 x Weeks of Skill-Based Nutrition practice learning and developing our 10 x Key Nutrition Principles under the guidance of your Nutrition Coach Jorja. This service will be best suited for athletes that have created some poor eating habits and are looking for extra support and accountably to get control their food choices and eating behaviours.


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