Integrated Bodies Nutrition Coaching

“Creating healthy habits that last a life time”

At Integrated Bodies our main focus is to help you develop the fundamental skills of nutrition and build a base of good sustainable habits that you can do consistently for life using the Precision Nutrition Methodology. At IB we like to use a habits based approach instead of a "diet" based approach. Anyone can lose weight on any given diet regardless of there processes. But trying to get great results without learning the fundamental skills of nutrition and following a consistent and measurable process is like trying to win a running race but having someone drive you to finish line. 

You don’t need to follow strict rules or use any special formulas to improve your health. Sustainable nutrition isn’t about following meal plans or portioning out calories. Unless your a professional athlete or training to be the next olympic gold medalist, this isn't necessary. Mastering the basic skills of sustainable nutrition and doing them consistently is enough for optimal fitness, health, body composition and life balance. Have you ever found yourself gaining back some weight after finishing your "12 week challenge” or following a strict “6 weeks to shred” meal plan? Or cutting out all carbs or “bad food” and then spending a week of quality time rewarding yourself binging and eating as much as you can? This is exactly how people develop nutritional deficiencies, disordered eating behaviours and negative mindset or find themselves in a lifestyle they can’t sustain in the long term.

An important key into making your practice work is to stop approaching food like you’re on a diet, and to start approaching it like your practicing a skill. Nutrition isn’t just about the food you eat. Your daily food choices and behaviours are affected by your psychology, world view, lifestyle, environment and many other factors. Once we help you clarify your limiting factors, values, goals and have clarity around what kind of skills you might like to practice first that fits into your life, schedule and stress level, all we need to do is create an action plan and start practicing! 

It’s important to always start from the beginning as each skill you practice builds on the previous one step by step. Quality process leads to quality outcomes. As you master the fundamentals of nutrition at your own pace and learn to do them consistently, you will build a base of good sustainable habits that suit your life! 

Nutrition Coaching Method: 

Over the course of your practice, you will learn Fundamental Skills of good nutrition to build a base of good sustainable habits that you can do consistently for life. Every 2 weeks you will learn and practice ONE new habit at a time. The reason we do this is so that you’ll be able to focus all your energy on creating that one habit successfully. When people try to change too many behaviours at once, their chances of changing come crashing down when things get too overwhelming. Based on your own personal limiting factors, there are likely dozens of simple habits you can put to work immediately. The order and pace of skill progression throughout your practice will depend on your current nutritional skill level, individual needs and consistency of your practice. One skill may take you longer to master than another. 

We focus on building healthy habits into your lifestyle that are repeatable and sustainable rather than offering you a quick fix. We can’t change your eating habits in one session, but we can over a series of appointments set you up to become a long term healthy eater and achieve your goals. We guide our clients through the pathway below:


The IB Nutrition Coaching Method will:

– Teach you the fundamentals of good nutrition

– Create a healthy mindset around food

– Gradually build sustainable healthy habits that will become your new normal

– Transform the way you eat so that you can eat what you enjoy and not feel like you are permanently on a diet which restricts what you are allowed

– Help you to lose weight, improve your body composition, sleep better and be happier with what you see in the mirror each day.


The IB Nutrition Coaching Method is perfect for you if you:

– Want to improve their overall fitness 

– Want to lose weight

– Want to improve your sports performance

– Are tired of dieting and always failing to stick to the plan

– Are sick of feeling like your permanently deprived from foods you love

– Are ready to commit to a long term change in your nutrition habits


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