Personal Training at IB

We are a very well educated company that specialised in species-specific training.

At Integrated Bodies, we have developed training systems, principles and philosophies that not only cater for each individual but also address the most impactful attributes of the health and fitness in an intelligent and developmental structure.

The basis of all our training methods are our “Threads”. This thread based system is simply taking a big end goal and breaking it down into its smallest parts (commonly known as triage). These little sections or stepping stones if you will inevitably lead you to your goal as long as you stay on the path.

We implement this thread based system as apart of our Strong For Life Program and our Athletic Development Program, which have countless successful transformations.

When it comes to personal training at Integrated Bodies we take an already simply sophisticated thread system and make it even more specific to you.

To use an analogy our threads are like a pizza, the base gives us the platform to create an amazing pizza and the toppings add the flavour. The biggest difference between pizzas generally are the toppings. It's in the toppings that change the flavour, the toppings are the fun part.

Our threads are the pizza base.

Your specific goals are the topping.

Together we make a great pizza!

When it comes to training at Integrated Bodies we use our tried and tested development strength threads PLUS we add in necessary, specific accessory work within our movement complexes. Whether you want to lose weight, rehab an injury, you want to get as strong as possible, or you want a nice mix our exercises the meet you where you're at currently we have the systems, principles and philosophies to help you achieve YOUR goals, one level of our thread system at a time.

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