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Supporting all women to regain functional integrity through developmental strength training and pilates

At Integrated Bodies, we have created this program to empower women and to help them change the way they feel about themselves and their bodies after pregnancy and beyond.

Pregnancy and Postpartum can be a challenging yet an incredible experience in your life and we believe every woman can go through different experiences from one pregnancy even to the next.

We understand that everyone has their own values, priorities, goals and physical capability therefore our Strong(her) Individualised Coaching Program is the ultimate program to cater for all women going through their postpartum stages.  

Strong(Her) Strength Program

What’s Involved?

  • A developmental thread-based strength, mobility and trunk stability program that is competency-based and rewards effort, practice, and achievement. The program will educate the participants how to effectively coordinate movement through fundamental movement patterns.

  • The program consists of 2 x face to face sessions per week that will involve all elements of human development. These sessions are broken into 2 main strength days. Strength Days 1 & 2 will focus on traditional strength development components whilst combining mobility, breath retraining and trunk stability exercises to help develop intra-abdominal pressure and optimal breathing mechanics. 

  • All sessions will involve a warm up incorporating myofascial release, mobility, and activation, followed by three training complexes that are designed to improve strength, mobility, stability and reduce injury risk.

  • The program involves Individual programming updating based on participants movement competencies using our thread-based training system. Essentially, each participant begins on level 1 Exercise Threads for each complex when they start the program. Progression for each exercise thread will be earn through achievement, consistency, and hard work.

Strong(Her) Pilates Program

What's Involved?

Strong(Her) Pilates Training is individualised to each participant. Initially, you will start on Level 1 exercises in your first coaching session. From there on, exercise progression is earn’t through mastering each movement with control, execution and flow whilst controlling the breath.

Strong(Her) Pilates Training is slightly unique compared to your traditional Pilates Training. Whilst emphasising the importance of the breath in Pilates training, specifically with each movement we also prioritise nasal breathing. The ability to breathe through our nose is physiologically necessary. During your coaching sessions, we will be focusing on improving nasal plasticity and developing the capacity to utilise nasal breathing throughout each movement.

Mouth breathing/over breathing has a long list of negative effects that can limit your performance and can contribute to a cascade of problems including sinus, sleep disorders, stress and anxiety, digestive issues, fatigue, poor recovery and even joint pain. When we mouth breathe, we over breathe therefore less oxygen is actually delivered into your lungs and blood cells due to eliminating too much carbon dioxide.

Our noses are for breathing. When we breathe in and out through our nose, we get a better oxygen uptake into the lungs, we build a better carbon dioxide tolerance, improve blood circulation, improve daily performance and stimulate your parasympathetic nervous system which is important for stress reduction.

How do we bring Pilates Training and Nasal Breathing together?

By bringing nasal breathing protocols together with trunk stability exercises, we have created a very unique and effective developmental pilates training program to regain strength and functional integrity.

Pilates Class Structure:

The Pilates Mat Work Classes are broken down in 4 x Sequences

Sequence 1 - Up Shift

The Up Shift Sequence includes nasal breathing and dynamic mobility exercises whilst warming up the body and priming our lungs and core.

Sequence 2 - Static Trunk Stability

The Static Trunk Stability Sequence includes a series of breath centred isometric holds.

Sequence 3 - Dynamic Trunk Stability

The Dynamic Trunk Stability Sequence includes a series of breath centred dynamic movements.

Sequence 4 - Down Shift

The Down Shift Sequence includes calming protocols that help restore balance back into the mind and the body.

Strong(Her) Personal Training Products:

Strong(Her) Strength Training: (60 Minute Sessions)

Train at Integrated Bodies Gym or ask about our Mobile Personal Training Service.

  • One on One - $70.00 Per Session

  • 2 x People - $45.00 Each / Per Session

  • 3 x People - $33.50 Each / Per Session

  • 4 x People - $27.50 Each / Per Session

  • 5 x People - $24.00 Each / Per Session

Strong(Her) Pilates Training: (45 Minute Sessions)

I am currently doing my teaching practice hours for my Pilates Mat Work Instructor Course. Please help me/help you and book your 45 Minute Pilates Training Session today.

  • One on One - $40.00 Per Session

  • 2 x People - $20.00 Per Session

  • 3 or More - $10.00 Per Session

Strong(Her) Group Training Products:

Strong(Her) Strength Training Program: (60 Minute Sessions)

All classes are located at Integrated Bodies Gym

  • Tuesday’s and Thursday’s 9.15am to 10.15am (Class Bookings Essential)

  • $15.00 Per Session (Paid Prior to Session Via Eftpos)

Strong(Her) Pilates Training Program: (60 Minute Sessions)

All classes are located at Integrated Bodies Gym

  • Monday’s, Wednesday’s and Saturday’s (Class Bookings Essential)

  • Please refer to Online Booking for Class Time Table

  • $15.00 Per Session (Paid Prior to Session Via Eftpos)

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Strong(Her) Individualised Coaching FAQ 

How is the Strong(her) Program individualised for everyone? 

We offer a first initial neuromuscular assessment using Neuro Kinetic Therapy (NKT). This assess any neurological motor control dysfunction that may have developed during your pregnancy that can potentially cause issues years on.

We can assess pelvic ligaments, scars (especially scars from C-Sections), eye movement, hyoid and cranial dysfunction, myofascial dysfunction and muscles to muscle relationships especially those whom play a role with inter-abdominal pressure development and trunk stability. Once we understand what dysfunction is present we can implement corrective strategies in with your strength program.

After your first screening session, we will then schedule your first training session of the Strong(her) Program.

It’s been several years past my previous pregnancy, is it ever too late? 

It’s never too late to start the Strong(her) Individualised Coaching Program. Even if your 2,3,5,10+ post-natal pregnancy chasing around your kids or the grandkids, the program will help you feel strong, confident and empowered for a life time. 

I haven’t had my first child yet, but can I still join the program? 

Absolutely! The program is designed for all women looking to improve or regain their strength and general fitness. 

When are the sessions run? 

We have times slots available from 7.30am to 2.30pm Monday to Friday as well as Saturday mornings. Strength Day 1 and Strength 2 can be scheduled across the week to suit your availability. 

Where is Integrated Bodies located?

In the Mackay Show Grounds in Shed P4. We are the first shed on the left as you drive in from Milton Street entrance.

What ages do we cater for? 

There is no limit on ages. The Strong(her) Individualised Coaching Program is designed to cater for all women looking to improve or regain strength and function in the body. Essentially, when you begin the program you will start on level 1 exercises. From there on progression is earn't through movement competency and and achievement. 

How long are the sessions? 

60 minutes per session

How long is the program?

The program is an all year round program designed to improve your strength and functionality for a life time and thrive in every day activities, not to leave you battered and bruised. 

What do I need to bring to the sessions? 

A water bottle, towel and suitable clothing to exercise in without restriction. 

How much does it cost? 

The program is a 4 week minimum commitment

Each session is an investment of $70 per session ($140 for 2 x sessions per week) 

How do I pay for the program?

Via weekly direct debit payments using ezi-debit or payment via eftpos upfront before your first coaching session.

Am I locked into a contract? 

No, we don’t do contracts. 

What happens if I have injuries, can I still train? 

The program is designed to cater for all individual needs. Exercises can be modified to suit your physical ability. 

Do I have to be fit to start the program? 

The program is designed to cater for all physical capabilities no matter how strong or fit you are. 

Will this program help me get the body of a bikini model in 8 weeks? 

The program is not a recipe for a 6 pack of abs. We have designed the Strong(her) Individualised Coaching Program to help you improve your strength and functionality in the body. Although, improving your nutritional habits will certainly complement your training and body composition (muscle vs. fat ratio) goals. Jorja is a Precision Nutrition Level 1 Certified Coach that can help improve your daily lifestyle and nutritional habits.