Addison Makes U16 Magpies Crusaders United Team!

The Integrated Bodies team was so humbled to receive some wonderful news about one of our ADP Athletes, Addison. The news was sent by Addison’s father and was great to see our teams purpose and vision play out in an impactful way. Take a read below of the message we received.

‘Addison was successful in being selected in U16 Magpies Crusaders United Team for next year - very excited boy.

Since he did his training with you and now doing the sessions during the week his confidence has come on in leaps and bounds, and we seem to have awakened a real interest in strength training. After each session he prattles on about what he did, and his goals he wants to achieve next session.

To the point he asked the Mum of one of his mates who is a nutritionist to look at his diet and make some suggestions, which they have just done together. 

Probably all 14 year olds worlds revolves around getting bigger and stronger, but I am really happy we have given him a vehicle to put his energies into and see some results from his efforts - much better than sitting in front of computer all off season!!

Thanks again Alex - great result.’