Matt Eisenhuth - West Tigers NRL

Matthew Eisenhuth.jpg

When I met Alex Kertesz in 2016 I was a part time rugby league player coming to a new club searching for an opportunity into the top grade.  I was having to work from 9am-3pm and then head off to training straight after, which mentally is a challenging thing to get up for. The first few weeks of training with Alex took some adjusting too, his style of training and lifting weights was nothing like I had experienced before. It was a shock to my system but it wasn’t until I started to see results that I realised how much benefit I was gaining from it. Over the first 6 months my strength and fitness levels increased dramatically, but it was Alex’s attitude towards his training that really rubbed off on me personally and helped me perform at such a standard that I was rewarded with a fulltime contact. 

The Game of Rugby league is all about making repeat efforts for a extended period of time, and it was Alex who implemented this into our training, a style of training I had never experienced before yet one that I believe definitely helped me to where I am in my career today.  The ‘Effort on effort’ mentality as Alex Called it Is something that he would always reiterate throughout training and although it would seem repetitive I felt it was being mentally embedded in my brain. So that when I played it became second nature to just continuously perform repeat efforts. 

After being under Alex’s training program for 10 months I was rewarded with a fulltime contract and was able to continue working with Alex & although it was on a lesser level I still applied what I learnt from him into my training. In June of 2017 I achieved my dream and made my NRL Debut, and since then have managed to play every game. I have had many trainers and coaches along the way to achieving my dream and all have helped me in some way or another, but I can honestly say that without Alex and his Effort of Effort mentality that I wouldn’t have made it to wear I am today. I consider Alex One of the Best trainers I have had the pleasure of working with and have formed a strong working relationship and well as strong friendship with him.